“Thank you Meaghan for putting sanity back into our lives.  We never thought we would be able to get our 2 year old Hayden to sleep in his crib, let alone without a soother or the door closed.   You are a Miracle Worker.  It took some work, but the outcome has been amazing.  We are forever indebted to you for getting our evening/nights back. We are proud to recommend you to everyone we know. Thank you again.”   

Chris & Amy

"Meaghan was fantastic to work with! Before working with her, our 6-month-old son was unable to fall asleep on his own and was waking up at 5:00am. Meaghan validated our difficulties and clearly explained the rationale behind her behavioural strategies. She was readily available for follow-up and addressed all of our concerns as they arose. She was patient and supportive throughout the entire process and she provided plenty of encouragement, especially at times when we needed it most. With the help of Meaghan and the Sleep Sense™ program, it was not long before our son was falling asleep on his own and no longer waking at 5:00am! We are so grateful for Meaghan’s help and we highly recommend her services!"

Val & Brian

"Meaghan was absolutely amazing to deal with. She first called me to discuss my daughters sleep patterns, props, etc and took the time to develop a sleep plan that fit me and my daughter. She continued to follow up with me regularly to see how it was going, what progress we were making and to keep me on track. It got difficult at times to stick with the plan as my daughter was very stubborn In her old habits, but Meaghan continued to assure me that if I stuck to the plan, it would be worth it in the end. After continuing to stick with the sleep plan, my daughter is now sleeping through the night, soother-less and happy! I would recommend Meaghan to anyone who is having trouble with their child's sleep habits"

Ashley & Dave

"I was inspired by Meaghan with regards to the Sleep Sense™ program when she returned to our work after her first maternity leave.  I was stunned by the amount of energy she had knowing that she had a one year old at home.  She explained to me that she was getting a full night’s sleep and that her son was sleeping on average 12 hours a night! Naturally, I was intrigued and I hadn’t even had children yet! When I gave birth to my son, Meaghan was there to officially coach me through sleep training my son from infancy.  By following her techniques and advice, my son started sleeping through the night from 8 weeks old and continues to sleep peacefully for 12 hours a night.  Throughout the process, Meaghan was incredibly approachable and comforting.  She would reassure me when I was feeling defeated and had a gentle approach with ensuring we remained on the right track.  With Meaghan’s coaching, my husband and I have been able to enjoy dinner together each and every night and continue to have a strong and healthy marriage.  Not only has Meaghan helped us teach our son how to have a healthy sleep routine, she has taught us to have balance in our lives despite what people say about having a newborn at home.  Meaghan has also been our first point of contact when experiencing our son going through sickness and how to cope with allowing yourself to adjust sleep routines when your baby is ill.  Our son is an easy going, fun-loving, happy baby and I strongly feel that this is in part due to Meaghan teaching us the importance of a well rested baby.  Thank you Meaghan, for making our first experience as parents incredibly enjoyable and stress free! You are truly a gift to new mamas!"

Mandy & Paul

"Our baby had shown signs that she was capable of being a good sleeper and then it all disappeared. We were bouncing a screaming baby to sleep every night, rocking her every 2-3 hours and repeatedly popping her soother back in her mouth. We were also getting very tired of people telling us we had a "fussy" baby on our hands. The whole situation was unsustainable. Meaghan helped us realize that the sleep props were actually hindering her sleep and she wasn't fussy, she was overtired all the time! We saw huge improvements after only 1 night of sleep training. We are so grateful to Meaghan for our sleep and for getting our happy baby back."

Erika and Mike

"We just wanted to thank you for your help and support with getting our little one on a very manageable sleeping routine. Instead of being up 3 times a night, Owen now sleeps 11 hours a night with only one feed in the middle. He has even slept straight through the night a few times! Owen is also thriving on his daytime nap routine. We are all still learning and working towards mastering your sleep plan but up to this point we are very satisfied! In addition, all of your helpful tips and calming methods have definitely helped and we no longer dread the night!
Thank you!!"


"Meaghan was such a lovely person to work with. Our gorgeous little 18 month old went from sleeping fairly well, to not sleeping well at all in a short period, and the whole family was exhausted. The sleepless nights for everyone (including our middle son who was being woken up) was impacting all of our days at work, school and daycare. Meaghan took the time to ask all the right questions and was  open to developing a sleep plan that fit our family values, including connectedness and attachment. If there was a strategy that did not fit with our parenting style, Meaghan absolutely respected that and we found other options. Our love responded immediately to our new support and has been sleeping though the night almost ever since. On the rare night that he has struggled, Meaghan has been an email away and been incredibly supportive in coaching and guiding our efforts. Thank you Meaghan, we are all better rested and much more happy!"

Kelly & Sam

"We asked for Meaghan's help when our daughter was six weeks old, because as it turns out, babies don't come with the ability to sleep well! With Meaghan's guidance, we were able to gently help our daughter learn to fall asleep on her own. By the time she was 10 weeks old, she consistently started sleeping 11 hours straight at night, and bedtimes are a happy and enjoyable experience for everybody.  We are so happy with our decision to work on sleep from a young age, and we believe it will be invaluable in the months and years to come!"

Erin & Will